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Harrold Golf provides a unique marketing solution that allows your golf club to send direct invitations to Local, Regional and National Tournaments, inviting them to host their next event at your course. 

Our proprietary software compiles critical information from nearly every golf event in major markets across the nation. The massive volume, variety and velocity of golf tournament information moving through the system is then categorized into marketing data sets. 

Finally, we put together a custom, aggressive marketing campaign targeting the tournament hosts in your area. These marketing campaigns generate new leads who then directly contact the course sales person. For each lead generated, the sales person is emailed a "Tournament Profile" document which shows them where this tournament was previously hosted, how much they charged and all other relevant data. The "Tournament Profile" document allows your sales person to pre-qualify events and aids in closing a new sale since they now know detailed information about the event, it's history and organizers.

The campaign is wrapped up by providing you with the lead database you acquired and a comprehensive report. 
Brittany Kelley, CEO and Managing Partner

As CEO of Harrold Golf Corporation. in Newport Beach, Calif., entrepreneur and golf pro veteran Brittany Kelley has become a go-to guru in utilizing cutting-edge technology to drive tournament revenues for golf courses and country clubs. With expertise in sales, operations and strategic marketing, her company provides the know-how to assist golf courses in attracting events from local, regional and national tournaments at their clubs.

Kelley began her career in the golf industry in 2007 as Director of Sales & Marketing for several KemperSports managed facilities. While there, she launched the GIVE Initiative charity for Yorba Linda-based Black Gold Golf Club, which offered a means for golfers to donate to a charity of their choice. Any player scheduling a tee time during “GIVE rate” hours received $20 off of a golf round, with $12 set aside for a non-profit organization registered in the program, including Children’s Hospital of Orange County and St. Jude Hospital.

With stops at three other golf courses, Kelley gained further experience in sales, tournament hosting, customer service, loyalty programs, off-peak sales growth and integrative business development. In addition, she developed a series of seminars for non-profit organizations to gain the skills to host their own golf tournaments; along with edification programs for course managers that engendered a better understanding of the strengths and weakness of their individual properties.

In 2010, Kelley transitioned into a position that specialized in developing technology and marketing solutions for golf courses. Her background in golf industry marketing and management combined with a passion for technology eventually led to the founding of the Harrold Golf Corporation., with its unique model of utilizing database segmentation, online strategies, analytics, tracking and results-based problem solving for clientele.  

Kelley earned her Bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University.
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